Give me my name

Give me my name
Until your lips say my name
Even if you say it wrong
I know
I do not exist
I am not
For you

So for us and for now
I am not
We are not

But when I give you your name
And you give me mine
We are
You and I and
The between
Are possible

When we are meeting
We are becoming
Give me my name
And we’ll give us ours
We are, in
In our words—
In our glance—
In that catching
Is acting
Being and doing are one
Because you
Give me my name

Give me my name
When we meet
Give me my names
Boring, exciting, evocative,
Provocative, excitable, quiet
Shy, receptive, domineering
If you name me not
I am not here
I shrivel, I die
I am not
But O! When you
Give me my name
I am, I fly, I become
I do

:- Doug.

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