Ghettos are a failure of imagination….

Ghettos are a failure of imagination. Imagination has failed those living inside and those passing it by and maybe especially the blind who come in to fix things.

Stuart Kauffman, on page 60 of Reinventing the Sacred: A New View of Science, Reason, and Religion writes “when the diversity…is high enough and the ratio of reactions to [individuals] is high enough…. the emergence of collectively autocatalytic systems becomes a near certainty.” In my words, when we have enough diversity leading to enough reactions, the group is self creating to a near certainty.

Or the opposite: suppress the diversity and the creating of the group and therefore the individuals within it is suppressed. When all we see is hopelessness, hope dies.

Here is where the ghetto insight comes alive: because it lacks diversity by definition, it lacks the creativity, the imagination on the inside. From the outside, people do not get enough diversity to make anything new happen either.

The start of a response? Bring in diversity. Open the windows, doors and especially skylights.

:- Doug.

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