Getting beyond a simplistic God

G-d is trapped in the human breast and brain; we need to set him free. I am disturbed at times with the pictures of God has a plan for me, I will trust God to make it right. These seem so simplistic. What if G-d wanted you to act? What are you doing? Yet it is more than acting: it is taking responsibility, being an actor, leaping onstage and entering the main act. Never fear, the play is large enough for all! All are playwrights as well as actors. God is larger than the one we have kept trapped inside our brains and breasts. Leap onstage! Create! Step back far enough to take in whole universes and become intimate with them all! It is not enough to passively receive grace: you must then become grace: to people, to animals, to plants, to universes, to your circle. For what are you saved? For what are you saving yourself? Are you a gift wrapped up and put on a shelf, awaiting the right party? This is the party you have been invited to. Party on!

:- Doug.

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