Genesis 1 as work for the week?

What if Genesis 1 were a liturgy of the week for us? The first day of the week we create light: what is the role of light and dark in our lives, in our daily rounds? The second day we create water and skies in our lives: how do things flow, what do the waters cover, to what do they give birth, when do we feel like we are being drowned, from what do we see ourselves emerging, what gives us breath, what do we see in the skies? The fifth day—Friday?—we bring forth creepy, crawly things upon the land and birds in the air: what are those in our lives and how do we respond, do we reject and run away and put away, do we love and welcome and embrace all of us, do we wish we could fly? And so it goes with all the days until we rest: do we rest and ponder what we have created, do we play, do we work, and if we work do we get to feeling good about it?

:- Doug.

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