G?d’s field?

To my good friends–

Robert W. Funk, in his book, Honest to Jesus, reports that scholars consider the theme of Jesus’ ministry to be the Kingdom of God. This term kingdom is a hard one for a current mind to get its arms around. We might think of kingdoms as archaic, or fiefdoms like the warlords of Afganistan, or benevolent irrelevancies like the Queen of England, or rich people with absolute power inside their boiundaries, but of little importance outside, like the Arab oil potentates. Living in a modern democracy it is hard to see these concepts as living.

What concepts could we use today?

One that comes to mind for me is field, used as physicists might use the term. An area of influence.

Or world: G-d’s world, universe, cosmos.

Realm gives a kind of other-worldly picture, and also reminds us of kingdom. For those reasons, I do not like it well.

Range, sphere, milieu? Home, terrain, land? Influence?

:- Doug.

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