Christy Lee-Engel last evening wrote me a response to yesterday’s separated couplet about G-d.

Christy has intrigued me by writing G!d, and another form. The exclamation point is good, but I think now not as good as the hyphen. The hyphen seems wider to me for the moment, opens more space. The exclamation is good for times I feel like flying, and so I like it. A lot. She also uses G*d: now that also is a flying thing, more open than the exclamation point. So, Christy, what do you see in these ways of writing? I suspect you will open us all up.

Which leads me to ask about G@d, G#d, G$d, G%d, G^d, G&d, G()d (I kinda like the hugs!), G+d, G=d, and perhaps with an interobang (! and ? in one character). What do we see, how can we see bigger? How about G?d? Or G<>d, or G|d? Let us look bigger.


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