Dialogue is what we need

Filiz writes:

dialogue is more than words and less than words; dialogue is the attitude to be with the other, to open to the other, to listen to the field, to cross the border between you and the other. dialogue is the flow, no rejection, no defense. it is welcoming what’s without and offering what’s within.
so when you want to raise your walls and hide behind them, listen carefully what your heart tells you. your heart is the mouth of your soul. let your soul speak through your heart.

Doesn’t she have a way with words!

For a number of weeks I have been telling myself I need to speak like I write. I am often tongue-tied when it comes time to speak my heart, so I need to remember what it feels llike to write the things I write here (usually in the mornings), and move back into that feeling. When I have done so, I have felt most often at home.

So Filiz, thank you for reminding me to let my soul speak through my heart. From half a world away, your words come straight to my soul.

:- Doug.

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