Footprints in the Wind sm # 790

Footprints in the Windsm # 790

Is there anybody with whom you would not trade places? Then it is time to get to work. Does our world benefit everyone?

It is our job to do that work, whether we get paid for it or not (read: whether we benefit or not). We get mixed up between getting paid and being able to have what we need, as well. If we have what we need (food, clothing, shelter, transportation, communication), and others do not…the need is clear, if not the next step.

The next step? Where does it touch me, how can I help? No catch in the stomach, just meet the need: yours are already attended to. Are you doing the most you can to help?

Are you using your highest and best for the task? Seek to give your biggest effect skill and resources instead of saying Yes to slinging hash in the soup line or hanging wallboard in a home-build. But that’s no excuse if you fail to give. When you have not been asked: organize the thing!

Please pass it on.

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