Footprints in the Wind sm # 616

Footprints in the Windsm # 616

There are people who profess themselves to be atheists. Yet there is not so much difference between them and people of religion, as either group might think of the other. For each group is stuck in a picture of G-d which is a picture. Often it is the same for both groups: a beneficent (or angry) old man with a long beard, sitting on a throne, with gifts held in reserve and a thunderbolt in his left hand, ready to punish. If our pictures of life were enlarged, if we were to step back just a bit further so we could see a larger panorama, what might we see? Babies who melt the hearts of stony men. People helping each other when disaster strikes. Hate breaking out into wars from which peace breaks out again because humans cannot long stand to be in armed conflict. If we once take an un-pre-judged look at the world and see its all in all, we can be prepared to move beyond a picture of any god, to opening to the all there is. Then we stop having to convert each other and look all about us to see.

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