Flow fractal flow

To my good friends–

Spreading our touch more widely: interesting twist on that in reading from Bohm and Peat’s Science, Order, and Creativity. I have jumped ahead and read some stuff about Mandelbrot’s fractal geometry. I am taken with the notion that the growth here comes from adding the same shape at ever smaller scales, so that the same grows in the direction of smaller. Kind of like my notion of peeling the onion from the inside. Here it is additive: as the shape is repeated in smaller parts (for instance, adding a triangle or outward vee shape to each straight line, and then to the sides of the vees in turn), the shape grows outward. If done three-dimensionally (or as these authors point out, someplace between 0 and 3 dimensions, probably in fractions of dimensions, say 2.78 dimensions), on a living, growing basis, pretty soon more and more points outside the shape are drawn within the shape. Add to this picture the notion of tendrils and filaments, and pretty soon the whole world’s gossamer is throbbing with conversation. If the tendrils are seen as fractals as well, they are growing tendrils, too. The tendrils are fed from their roots as well as from their tips where they connect with others. Flow fractal flow.

So that means engaging conversations wherever and whenever I can. It means taking conversations deeper, to more meaningful spaces, and seeing what opens up. It means encouraging others to do the same, whether by simply seeing how good it is and can be, or by asking them to help spread their tendrils of conversation. It means enlisting others. It means enlisting in others’ movements to add fractal dimension for both. It means shaking people up, bringing persons into being. It means connecting through you, tendrils everywhere. It means not moving people, but touching persons. It means touching the living gossamer, weaving it thicker, weaving it more alive. It means opening a living space for the tendrils to meet and grow persons, ever-changing ever-new persons, sparking nodes where tendrils touch.

Sometimes when the tendrils touch, the sparks they produce are arguments and fights, and these produce a different person from when another tendril touches and sparks say a sexual fire or a tenderness. All are valid, for all exist. Flow fractal flow.

:- Doug.

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