Fab Labs, ephemeralization, and our responsibility to our co-creations

Have you heard of Fab Lab? It is a project of MIT to bring manufacturing to the desktop. Check it out: http://fab.cba.mit.edu/ Kathy Joyce of HomeSchool Hub told me about it; she is working to bring it to Berrien County, Michigan this September!

This all struck me as Bucky’s ephemeralization: now we have a factory the size of a microwave oven. Some day soon we might get such things down to small enough to be carried within the human mind. Not a human mind, the human mind. What then?

Then we can re-create the world everyday, not only in our imagination, but in our bodies and in the physical realm, not just there, but in others’ imaginations. We will see that all is subject to us and that we have a responsibility to it.

What is our responsibility to our creations? What claim do they have on us? We need first to go through the conversation stage, we need to learn to relate well—peacefully, creatively, lovingly—before we start to see what claim our creations have on us.

So when I write a poem what responsibility do I have to it? When I create something in Linda, create a piece of Linda in our hearts, what responsibility do I have to her? To love, to honor, to respect, to continue to create and allow her to create me, to allow the poem to create me. I have a responsibility to be malleable.

Can we be totally malleable? No, we also have a responsibility to face who we create and speak our truth. This implies as well to listen and to hear, to take in and become part.

Is this also the case of G?d with us? To love, to honor, to respect, to continue to create and be created, to be malleable, to listen and hear, to allow the poem to speak G?d.

:- Doug.

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