Emergence: strong and weak forms:

There are two ways of seeing emergence: 1.) as coming from the pieces and systems present; and 2.) as being given existence by them.

The betweens might be part of what co-arises, or they might cause the arising.

So the path does not arise to meet the footsteps, nor the footsteps emerge from the path, but each brings forth the other.

Is it weak emergence: pre-existing persons creating a made to order world? Is it strong emergence: the setting and the persons and the work giving simultaneous birth to one another?

It probably can be whichever we choose to see at any given time.

What difference can all this make? It can give courage to act because we know that action is all there is and our actions will always bring something forth.

We can use this: bringing people together, putting them in the pressure cooker, adding a little heat (in the form of live questions). You don’t invite, no one will come, nothing will be doing. Invite me, I’ll show up, we’ll bring forth.

:- Doug.

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