Dump cake Wills

A Will is the biggest spending spree we can have in our lives—we can spend it all! Or we can see it as our largest investment. We can dump it all (the dump cake model) or put it to work (the sleeve rolling model).

Investing can be anywhere we want: we can invest in stuff or in people. In people we can invest in bank accounts or education or spirit. We can invest in It, Thou, Among, Poet, Whole-making. So we can invest to meet needs of people we know, people in our family (It and Thou), or in organizations such as churches or civic clubs with whom we already affiliate (Among), or in higher broader things (church, political parties, art, philosophy), or in making the world more inclusive (humanitarian work, our own movements). People tend to see the choices as family or charity, but the spectrum is more subtle than that, the lines more blended—and more meaningful.

:- Doug.

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