Remind us that community dreams

Both are part of what is really real: The body calls the spirit into existence, the spirit calls the body into existence. Yet we have eyes the seldom see the spirit, the dream, love, light, vibration, music, dance, others, conversation, intercourse, weave, pattern, rhythm. So our work is to connect people to both, which means an emphasis on the transparent.

Connecting people to their dreams, to our dreams, to dreams of ours. Dreams are ours. Dreams belong to all of us. Each has them, and it is here we are connected to the larger community, which is G*d.

So this is a way forward: Dreams are ours. Remind people of their dreams. Remind us that these dreams always include others. Remind us that dreams take us out of our daily doldrums and into our larger, our future. Remind us that community is where we live and where our lives can be richer, larger.

:- Doug.

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