Do not knowing

To our good friends–

One thing that intrigued me this morning is the notion of What do we not know? Where are we vulnerable? What intrigues us?

Well, what?

For me, mystery: what I do not know, what brings a sense of wonder and surprise. Things that nip at my consciousness, that say, Here I am, here you are, isn’t it gooood! What might there be? What is possible? For us? Let us engage the world! Let us try something new. Let us give birth and work to make it real!

For me, people: people are surprising. People are bigger than we suspected. We are bigger than we suspected. We are loving, we are creative, we are held back only by our own imaginations. We are likewise freed by our imaginations: much more is possible.

For me, G-d: G-d is all about us and within us. G-d needs us. We are expected of G-d. We are the ones G-d has been waiting for. We are expected to be adults and to do something. We have been given a marvelous universe in which to play: rainbows and twinkling stars and black earth and colors of people and jumping of foals and flying of birds and bubbling of fish and squishing of sponges! Anything we could want exists or can exist.

And yet for me, mystery: there is more I do not know about G-d than I know. There is much I do not know about my wife, my children, my grandchildren, the people I meet during the day, the way of the fox and squirrel and groundhog and deer and crane. There is much to wonder at and about. I do not know what will work to continue working with people to discontinue working with people to start good things to make love and compassion and justice the way we live. I do not know and that might be good, that might be the answer: for then I must work at it, try something, see what works this time and give hope to other times. But I do not know that is the answer. There may be another, a better one. I do not know, and I revel in do not knowing: it opens me to what is and to what might be. Do not knowing allows me to experiment. Do not knowing shows me the intermediate impossible and the intermediate possible. Do not knowing opens me to the third possibility. Do not knowing is not the answer. Do not choose do not knowing as your answer to meeting the world for the object is to not know. Beyond that, the answer is to know and then go beyond knowing, and more so: do not get stuck in this cycling of waves. This is difficult, for there are many places to get caught in traps. Even getting caught in traps might be good. Do not knowing.

:- Doug.

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