Disney has a new ride

Disney has a new ride
–have you heard?–
You can still go
inside the human body
or careen down the outside of a mountain
But this one! What ambition!
This one promises to take you
–inside G-d!
You’ve got to ride this one to see
if they’ve pulled it off
There are sweeping scenes from
high vistas, and flowing down
tiny rivulets:
There are greens and blues and reds
and oranges and ochres, and chartreuses
There are birds and fish and manatees
There are 4-legged and 2-legged and 8-legged
There are winds and whirlwinds and hurricanes and breaths
There are mothers and fathers
and mountains and great seas
There are fleas and ticks and no-seeums
amoebae and tarantulas
and hugs and kisses
and muddy snow and sunsets and
There are tsunamis and floods and
clouds and drear
There are worlds upon worlds
galaxies upon galaxies
universes upon universes
Too big to hold in your mind
Too little too
What? you say, This is just like the
world we know!

:- Doug.

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