difficult to find words

I am attracted to the idea of God being the cosmic vital flow of history: this speaks to me both of an immanent God and of a transcendent God. It says to me that God is larger than a personified object, and is subject and a force.

Hard to grasp,
difficult to find words
and yet personal:
the one we cannot get our arms around
but a child can

God is the omega that attracts us together, is purposive and generative. I do not know if that means the purpose is that I become rich or that X becomes healthy again; but I can see that it means that the world comes to revolve around love.

So then I can see a truth to the idea that we are here learning: we are learning to love so that those here in this world may love ever increasingly. We are less learning for another world to come but this one to be nurtured.

:- Doug.

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