Deep Wills

Deep Wills
Who are my children?
Who am I?
Grandchildren learning to walk
Learning to talk
Have we yet learned to talk
About what is at our foundations?
Money does not speak to Honey

Instead, tell stories
Yours: How did you get here?
How did you meet?
Whom have you become?
These help me figure out who I am
Whom I might become
What I can do in this world
For my loved ones
For loving the peoples

Instead, write poems
Poems might be stories
Of our family, tribe, people
Of our humanity
Poems might be songs
To remind us we are artists
Divine, capable of the universe
Poems might be found among lists
Grocery lists, to do lists, lists of families
Of what you see
Of what sees you
And whom
Of what is of significance
Or suggestive, evocative
Of significance
Of how meaning-filled our lives are
If we write poetry

Instead, get to work
What is your work?
Why have you chosen that work?
What work do you choose now
In this epoch of your life?
What is the most important thing
We can be working on, Now?

Instead, tell us:
What is important
To you?
To the long road of Life
Whom we are
Whom we can be
Leave this to us
And then we fulfill
Your Deep Will

:- Doug.

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