Cultural traps in death of police officer and canine partner:

Cultural traps: that’s where we are too when it comes to the death a couple days ago of the police officer and his canine partner. We have so much told ourselves that we have to get the person, that we have to chase him, that we induce higher and more dangerous speeds. If we want to catch a cat, we do not run after him, for he will only run away. Instead, we entice the cat with food, we outsmart him. Why can we not let the speeder go and block the road ahead, safely? Why can we not have an unmanned drone aircraft overhead safely piloted by a person in front of a console miles away? Why can we not find a technology that would disable a vehicle’s engine at a distance? Why do we need high speed chases? Our own thinking is to blame in these officers’ deaths shared at least to some extent with the person they were chasing.

:- Doug.

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