Conversing is by G*d with G*d.

Conversing is by G*d with G*d. G*d is each of us and the all there is; for G*d to speak there is commerce among G*d’s creatures.

So when we converse we are partaking in holy commerce, we are created anew by that holy commerce, each pass. Thus is the way also the truth and the life.

This holy commerce engenders life, a deeper, fierier life. Here we ignite, explode, no longer are but forever change what is. We touch G*d. We are holy, sacred action.

So in conversation, holy commerce, we go through the whole spiral, over and again: It, We, Us, Above, Whole-making. Not we through our struggles and efforts, but G*d through us. We are integral part of G*d, without which no such commerce.

But this is effortless effort: not concerned with finishing the work, merely with doing the day’s labor. We are not instruments rather partners. Fire! Exploding! Shattering! Used up, utterly.

:- Doug.

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