Contrast conversation-based meetings to a slide show by an expert: Pareto rides again

Contrast conversation-based meetings to a slide show put on by an expert. In the slide show the interaction is primarily with the expert and her material; any that occurs with a diversity of people is happenstance. The engagement is with one person who by definition goes away after the presentation. Any change introduced into the people is likely to be short-lived because the sand is removed from the oyster.

If we want longer lasting effects, we have to get people together in study groups or task forces and seek to apply it to our real world. Thus we come full circle to actually getting people engaged.

Except there is a difference: we are getting them engaged on something that may have little meaning and impetus in them. Pareto rides again: 20% might be truly excited by the new direction; 80% will not be. But if we have people work on what engages them, then we have the positive side of Pareto.

:- Doug.

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