Conscious evolution toward what?

To our good friends–

Conscious evolution toward what? Can we agree upon the direction of our evolution? There are religious fundamentalists on the fringes who would want us to evolve toward their particular gods. Yet I think the truth of G*d is like Jesus: don’t tell people who I am, just go out there and say that the queendom is among us. What is the queendom, the unfolding? I think we can agree on some dimensions of it: goodness, beauty, truth. Sanctity of life. Perhaps freedom. Yet these are vague from overuse.

Beauty is difficult to define, but universally known. What is truth? Well, I think we need to talk instead about what is real: this can be less charged and more towards what the real meaning of truth is.

Goodness is where there is plenty of room. What is the good life? To recognize the worth of each person. To re-spect each person: to look again and see them as person, as being who is us. To include more and more of us, of all life, in the circle of what matters. To include more and more of life in the work that matters.

:- Doug.

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