Collaboration at the child level

Perhaps we need to even think about influencing and inventing the way the world is going, not just preparing kids for a 20th century job, or even one the “experts” predict will exist when they graduate.

Even beyond that, what we need is not just collaboration at the board and administration level: we need it at the child level. The scholars need to figure out ways to cooperate and work together, and invent the future together, because if they don’t they will continue to live in a segregated world, will propagate wars and disease and famine and dangerous weather.

Even beyond that, our children need to learn how to find out what is the highest and best and to aim for that. We need aspirational education: we need to teach children, no we need to encourage children, to create good, true, and beautiful worlds. If our children find out how to dream or envision, humans as a species can flourish. We are at the extinction/thriving crossroads where we can choose.

:- Doug.

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