Climate Space intnatl mvmt: Skype Tues Ap 21 18:30 NY time

Hello Climate Spacers!

Our next Climate Space Skype conference will be Tuesday, April 21, 2009, 6:30 pm New York Time. To convert this to your local time, go here:

In this call we will address these questions:

1. How do we collect information on what we are doing around the world?
2. How do we organize it in a useful form?
3. Where all can we post this information so that it will be on many climate action Websites and elsewhere?
4. What filter are we looking through?

If you have not already, please be sure to email me your Skype name so you can be included in the call. My skype name is douglasgermann in case we get disconnected.

Looking forward to our call.

Questions? email me at 76066 [dot ] 515 [aT] CompuServe [ dot ] com.

:- Doug.

PS: The key to these local conversations we are hoping to engender all around the world is opportunities: seeking out and inventing ways to make social and economic opportunities out of the climate crisis.

Whom else can you invite to this Skype call?

:- Doug.

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