Catching glimpses of power and ingenuity

Around the planet we are beginning to catch glimpses of the power and ingenuity of ordinary people working together. There is something afoot here, some possibilities we have just started to explore. Perhaps we have never had the numbers together to make it work. Or the will. Perhaps we are just now understanding the true meaning of democracy. Or we have a critical mass of people able to grasp a larger view. Perhaps there is something else behind it, but it is a gentle spring rain washing the air in many places.

What is central to this discovery is that people have good in them. They want what is good and true and beautiful—what the ancient Greeks saw and named was really something deeply entwined in the human. We aspire. We seek what is good not just for, not even primarily for, a selfish little me, but for an expansive we.

We gain health when we serve others. We see a larger world. We make things happen for good.

Even the terror purveyors seek to do good, however twisted their notions may have become. It is possible that they might be untwisted if we would but hear them. Many a bomb is thrown because it is the only way someone can see to get heard.

So I seek earnestly to speak to the higher in people, in those who have ever prayed, or been awed by a glimpse of beauty, or earnestly sought after truth, or said “I love.”

:- Doug.

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