Can Catholics do Open Space?

Can Catholics do open space? Can construction engineers?

Is it not really a question of fear? A fear held by one person?

We go off on a tangent if we try to answer the question. Do we not do better if we stay in the circle? Explore the fear? Ask the person to say more about what they fear might happen? Get them talking it out? Demons do not do well exposed to the light, yes? In Harrison’s manner, is the best prescription to open more space around this person’s fear?

This is a scary thing to do, to avoid their stated question, and open space for demons. But is it not the most direct and therefore most fruitful? Often I have found people “sell” themselves.

So, for instance, we could gently ask our client in such a case, after we have heard them out about their fears, “Is it possible you have not asked your people such a question (as the invitation question) before?”

Stated otherwise: We cannot respond to our client’s unexpressed question until it is expressed. Our job may be to open space so they can see what their real question is.

:- Doug.

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