Bring us up long

To our good friends–

We are together to converse. It will go some places neither of us intended. Some of this will be through Bohm’s ideas of similarity and dissimilarity, which are pretty similar to Howe’s correlative thinking. It amounts to relational thinking: how is this related to that?

We have to somehow get beyond thinking, do we not? For thinking is about analyzing and getting handles and limiting and defining things, and we need constantly to move beyond that if we are to grow.

Conversation then has the effect of moving us beyond thinking or at least thought (that is to say, beyond past tense historical thought) to some new field, where we can do relational thinking, where we can be drawn beyond. Beyond thinking or beyond normal ways and patterns of thinking? Still I think there is something beyond similarity and dissimilarity: what? Perhaps creativity. At least an opening. Perhaps awareness. Perhaps possibility. Is that all?

Is that all? is a wonderful question. It can bring us up long.

:- Doug.

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