Appeal higher

Appeal higher.

The higher court is that in people which says there is more, there is the aspirational. We can love and live and do-be-do. We can be part of a larger life, the human community, the universe of life. People want to live there and not in the mud. We have the mud and need to live there, too. But this is sure: if we do not muck around in the mud we do not have life; and if we do not touch the more, we are not human. That life is mere animal and passes the way of all dust, profiting none.

We need no perfectly aligning of deck chairs. We need to ask where the ship is going. We need to ask if there is more to be seen here than the little of the ice berg above the water. We need question and story and dream as well as instruments and cutting apart and percussing at each other. We need to pray and pass out the shovels.

:- Doug.

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