Answer to recession: psychiatrists for bankers?

Is this economic slowdown centered strongly in bankers’ distrust of the condition of the financial system, distrust of other bankers, fear of financial loss?

This is a strong part of why we have the economic crisis we have. Fear constricts the movement of cash. Fear constricts our movements of goods and services. Fear constricts individual and corporate buying.

Is it 100% rational? Then would it be time to send the afflicted to psychiatrists?

Do people generally and bankers specifically tend to seek psychiatry, meditation, mindfulness, or religious help in such times? Has this—unseen—served to help right our economic boat in like times?

Yet this way is more real than humorous. Could we entice the people around the edges (ice melts at the edges till the edges become the core) to psychotherapy? What as a nation, a culture, can we do to encourage mental health among those who are suffering from courage constriction?

:- Doug.

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