A young man with 2 small children

A young man was called by business into the big city and was working late. His heart kept going to his wife and 2 small children at home, wishing he were there rather than here cranking out work. A couple of hours later he felt a good tired as he turned off the lights and headed out into the night. He went down into the subway station to go to his hotel. He noticed a lot of graffiti, and several lights were out. The shadows seemed to loom. There was nobody here at this late hour, nobody he could see.

From behind, unheard, he felt a crashing on his head and all grew dark. He awoke, half choking on a warm liquid. He tried to get up but slumped back in unbelievable pain. He could not make his mouth work. He could feel his clothes were torn, he ached in every place he had a place. It took all his effort to breathe.

From under his swollen eyelid he could see one well-dressed woman come down the steps, hesitate as she walked toward him, then turn the other way. What seemed hours later, a man with a briefcase did the same.

Finally, a tall, strangely-dressed man came up to him. He seemed familiar, but the young man was too tired to try to get his brain to work. This tall man seemed to have genuine concern on his face. Then recognition hit him: this was Osama bin Laden! He tried to pull away, tried to shout “Leave me be!” but he had no strength to resist the kindness.

Osama tore some pieces from his own clothes, got some water and washed the young man’s wounds. He took some salve out of his backpack and applied it to the wounds. He gently picked him up and carried him back up the steps to a cab, gave directions that somehow did not enter into the young man’s brain, and took him to a house where there were many people dressed like Osama. People scurried about to tend to the young man. Osama left, giving orders to a young Arab-looking woman to care well for the young man, to nurse him to health.

:- Doug.

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