A todo list for our community

Lietaer and Belgin in their Of Human Wealth set out a list of larger tasks for humanity in this early part of the 21st century. This raises my sights above reading to Grandma in the nursing home, so much that I think it will be a good exercise to see what ought to be on our todo list as a community and as a world community.

Their list (p 236):

“Ecological clean-up and sustainability implementation.
“* Climate change mitigation.

“* Urban restoration.

“* Improving literacy levels globally.

“* Feeding, clothing, sheltering, education, and inspiring billions of humans.

“* Ensuring decent care for the growing percentage (sic) of elderly in our societies.

“* Providing learning and creative opportunities for all.”

Globally and locally, I would add:

* Providing ready opportunities for each person to engage in the work of the community.

* Engaging elders in the larger work of the community.

* Reduce the isolation that people feel from one another in our culture.

* Change the habituated response to conflict from violence to kindness, acceptance, and a mutual exploration.

* Include people more openly in the decisions of local government.

* Develop ways and opportunities to provide food clothing shelter and transportation to people who aid the common good.

* Find ways to put together those with the need with those with the resources.

* Change the mind-set from thinking of money to thinking of the resources themselves.

* Encourage the elders of the tribe to contribute their wisdom and stories and resources to the building up of the community.

* Encourage religious congregations to get active beyond their doors: active in caring for the less fortunate, active in justice work, active in movement within their communities.

* Encourage student and parent involvement in the direction of their schools and education, that is leading out.

* Encourage neighbors to meet and engage each other in conversations that matter.

* Educate politicians away from Machiavellian, dualistic, us-against-them patterns of thought into diverse and multifaceted fitting together pictures.

* Clean up the depressing dirty, broken, sick, and graffiti covered areas of our cities and countryside, making more life-enhancing and nourishing space.

* Find ways to get people meaningful work.

* Get people more involved in recycling.

* Get people to the river.

* Find ways to include ex prisoners into productive, creative society.

* Reduce drug and alcohol abuse in our community.

* Increase the people who take part in the life of their communities.

What would you add for your community? How could we make this list more concrete?

:- Doug.

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