A quality that has many names

What am I espousing? A quality that has many names, perhaps: divinity, humanity, turning toward, hearts, heart, essence, life, spirit, woven, entangled, one, opening, self-organization, universe, the all there is, choice, healing, resembling, syncopated, engaging, betweens, amongs, differentiation, curiosity, love, now, transform, art, poetry, future, small, local, creating, felt, shift, in, consciousness, awareness, living-kindness, inviting, questioning, dissenting, grieving, amazing, alternative, conversing, relate, centers, major, circle, space, emerging, cohering, touching, silencing, waiting, absorbing, butterfly, gathering, possibly, courageous, radical, good, tilt, dreaming, slowly, willing, needing, metaphoring, whole, perceiving, flux, continuous, gossamer, ephemeral, stitches, common, holy, sacred, tears, destination, wind, announce, rarer, proximity, intensity, incline, field, responsible, serving, profound, neighbor, change, metanoia, ask, music, pulsing, flit, float, dance, pollinate, dying, nuance, meeting, juxtaposition, rhyme, clash, swirl, too, much, leaning, reaching, making, encircle, embrace, breath, turn, round, part, grow, learn, coalesce, hand, heard, soft, gentle, startling, likely….

:- Doug.

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