A poet might see:

A poet might see: longer, funnier, sillier, serious-er, missed things, missing things, a way to go missing, inside another, inside the poet, inside out, backwards, unknowns, more, less, blindly, sounds, colors, fragrances, feelings, hot, cold, wet, emotions, uplift, downdraft, playful, old, young, unborn, ancestor-y, you, unseen poems, profound contraries, imaginary beings, imaginary non-beings, a rainbow stream in the air filled with rainbow trout, someone who has died, someone who has not yet died, a dream, a lake, a woods, a hole, a cloud, a circle, a life, the poet’s life, a client’s life, something beautiful, something struggling, something growing, something ugly, someone oppressed, someone hurting, someone helping, someone lost, someone the poet can help, someone the poet ought not help,

:- Doug.

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