A path through the forest

A path through the forest
—the forest’s alive
movement everywhere: the fast flies,
mosquitoes, butterflies, bees
the quick squirrel, chipmunk, deer, fox
the ponderous bear, the slow porcupine and mole
even the composting soil’s alive and moving
working, turning, making heat,
the plants, too are alive and move
turning their blossoms to the sun
or leaves to the rain
and casting their seeds on the winds
or into juicy fruits for animals to carry
yards or miles, so they too travel
just slower, over generations, centuries
all this life stands aside or goes ahead
making a path through the forest
for us
sometimes the path’s only there
in our seeing, not even our looking
for we see with our imagination
and make paths by combining empty places
our path through the forest
is just here, where others have made the way
or are not
it is never lonely for there is life all around
acting in concert—listen!—
unconsciously or consciously

:- Doug.

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