A parable of our times

The story is told that at a certain time in a big city somewhere in the world it was traditional for poor people to go to the doors of others to seek aid. At this time a boy of about 11 years knocked on the apartment door. A father and his son, of about the same years, answered the door. The father said to wait while he and his son went to see what they might offer. The father took out some money and said, “Son, go get your favorite toy to give to the boy.” “But, father!” “Your favorite, the one you play with all the time.” “No!” “Son, go to your room and get it.” Slowly, glumly the youngster did as he was told. “Now go to the door and give him the money and your toy.” His son was at the door a long time, but the father stayed with his curiosity in another room. Finally, his son came back with shining eyes: “Father, can I do that again?”

When it comes to our reluctance to welcome immigrants to our homeland, we are this son.

:- Doug.

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