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To our good friends–

Two related insights this morning, not overly new, but putting them together brings again to a crux the issue I have been wrestling with: how to connect G*d and conversation. G*d is the G*d of conversation. That is one way.

First: There is something more and it is released in conversation: it is met in conversation.

There is much to do
Many to do it
Enough to do it with.

These are strong learnings for me. More and much. Perhaps this is one poem and then would it make sense?

There is
Much for us to do
Many to do it
Enough to do it with
Something more released in conversing,

What are the further reaches of this? Where does it want to expand? (Note, not What are its edges, limits?)

It wants to expand toward meeting the needs of persons. It wants to value each one. It wants to value all the interconnections, which is a way of saying what life is about. Life is about interconnecting, intimacy, intercourse, movement. The more of us we kill or ignore, the less life we have. Life is about opening it all out and bringing new interconnections to life. Bringing forth. Birthing. Respecting the dignity of each life and each creature. Reverencing them. All. One.

It wants to expand toward finding new needs as we expand. It wants to expand to embracing new worlds, and there seems to be an infinity of them.

It wants to expand love, to where there are no borders, no defined limits to love.

For me, it wants to expand toward bringing G*d in as a necessary part and party of the equation. Perhaps the whole of the equation. G*d = G*d + people + conversation + work + resources + imagination. Or for short, G*d = people + conversation + work + resources + imagination. This is not just what G*d expects, but who G*d is.

What are the further reaches of this? Toward bringing more people into the essential conversations of our time. The essential conversation, singular, of our time, for there is only one conversation: How large can we be? Who large can we be? It is not a matter of eliminating conflict, but of finding ways for all parties to be part of the conversation that is life itself. Life itself then is another word for conversation, and conversation is another name for G*d.

People + work + resources + imagination = conversing = living = G*d.

:- Doug.

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