A lesson for children: Make sure you talk to strangers

To our good friends–

In reading a wonderful book, Kim Stafford’s Early Morning, one of the things he says Bill and Dorothy Stafford taught their children was Make sure you talk to strangers.

This is good advice. It is paranoid to teach children to avoid people. After several generations of telling our children to never speak to strangers, they are dangerous, we have internalized it.

So when someone offers to connect, we fear. How are you going to find friends to share the laughs and tears with, to go to for help, if you do not talk to strangers? How indeed can we find friends if we stay away from people? In conversation’s terms, how can we ever become real if we do not meet?

Even in our scary times, this is good advice. For how do we overcome the terror except through each other?

:- Doug.

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