A conversational matrix

To our good friends–

This morning I saw that there are three levels of conversation: surface, meaning, and being. Now I see them as perhaps overlapping universes, the surface and the being, and the overlap territory is meaning.

I also saw that there are these aspects to being: first, individual and group, separation and unity; second, growth and protection, opening and closing.

So where can we take those?

I can see a matrix of three dimensions, but keeping in mind and heart that these are not oppositions but wholes, perhaps better seen as circles which are whole, like where east and west meet on the globe: 1. individual—uniting; 2. opening—closing; 3. surface—being.

With this we can perhaps see where we are in the whole and where we then want to move to become wholer.

So on this cube we have 8 parts, one whole:


So the interactions can be like this: Personal—opening—surface, which is typical chit-chat which we have. Perhaps closing would be the more typical. The more holistic would be uniting—opening—being. In between, lots of variation, lots of possibility. This is of course simplified, given the nature of reality.
Remember, the lines are not there. It is kind of like national boundaries seen from outer space: they do not exist, except in the minds of the people who think they are drawing lines.

Companions converse! I wrote. This is it, yes? Companions converse! Surface and being are not far apart, connected in fact they are by meaning. Let us swim in meaning and see if we can traverse the short distance to opening, uniting, being.

With you shot through, the all.

Our growing edge is towards joining, opening and being—and it is also towards separating, closing and surface. It is all there for us to be whole.

Do you see meaning in that?

:- Doug.

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