Heart: this is key to our forward progress precisely because in our culture we do not particularly value it….

Heart: this is key to our forward progress precisely because in our culture we do not particularly value it. Head we value first; hands a lot less. But heart hardly gets a mention, except in some sports (read: unessential) contexts.

:- Doug.

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  1. On January 22, 2010 at 2:26 pm SuzanneD Said:

    And yet “heart” and “emotions” is what stirs within us more powerfully than we consciously know, guiding what we think (head) and what we do (hands)every minute of the day. It is the stuff that “passion” and “courage” are made of. It is from the heart that we create dreams, that we achieve what we never imagined we could achieve.

    In reflecting on your comment that “heart” hardly gets mentioned, I see myself transported to the “Closing Circle” of “Open Space” noticing every time that the language then is truly a language of heart, hope, emotion, relationships, connections and gratitude.

    I struggle knowing this is so, knowing that we cannot easily invite and entice people to engage from the heart at the beginning. It is something that must emerge naturally from within the individual and the collective, sprouting from a safe nutrient where people feel comfortable to share, hesitant at first and then as layers of individual vulnerability surface, energy builds, spontaneity and a spirit of play magically appear which leads to this special feeling of “aliveness” where work becomes meaningful, passion thrives and responsibility is a given.

    Doug thank you for your posting today. It gave me personal clarity and courage to continue my mission to develop opportunities and ways to convene, invite and “open space” everywhere and anywhere because I know and feel there is such great need to do so now.

  2. On January 23, 2010 at 6:52 pm doug Said:


    Thank you for posting–you always so well model being open! Makes me want to be at an open space where you facilitate.

    Is heart always emotion, or can it be something more?

    Increasingly, my picture is coming to the place where everything is seen as unfolding and growing from a whole that pre-dates it. Thus your picture of people gradually coming to the place of opening out and sharing looks to my eyes like a peeling of layers, like an onion. But maybe from the inside out!

    :- Doug.

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