A fractal conversation

A fractal conversation

We can grow in conversation in
fractal dimensions.
I’m not sure what
this means.
The closer we draw in
the more
the patterns repeats
and grows
we grow with the pattern and
each other.
It does not happen just with
whole numbers
and whole persons
but with fractions
as well
fractions of dimensions
fractions of conversations
the heart grows many
from which conversation can
infinite tunes
fractional dimensions
in conversation
the other person is
not wholly other
not wholly me
we are not one
we are not two
someplace in
we grow
as we draw our self-same line
more and more are
drawn inside
till an infinity
are within
a smaller and smaller
Fractal conversations
a living field
generating persons
of infinite dimensions
Decreasing, finer scale
includes more
You can change your world
you can change this bit
this little bit
perhaps again
small scale change
smaller and smaller.

:- Doug.

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