Footprints in the Wind sm # 755

Footprints in the Windsm # 755

See my dance,
hear the beat-beat-beat of the drums,
hear the beat-beat-beat of your heart,
take a deep breath, go!
Hear my song, hear my dream:
people coming together,
people of all shapes, sizes, colors,
dialects, stories,
people care,
people working,
people striving to create a new world,
if only in this corner of the room,
people coming together with others of like heart,
people seeing what they can do with what they have,
forgetting what they have not for that does not exist,
it’s us!
We are creating a new earth,
a new future, a new now.
We are solving our problems
and a few others fall with those.
We are hope
because we have heard, and
are still hearing,
and are seeking out,
your story,
but mostly you.
This dream demands performance!
You tell me about your lost child.
You tell me about your struggles with illness.
You tell me that getting your laundry clean is a too large expense.
You tell me that getting to work without a car is a challenge.
You tell me you care.
You tell me “Maybe…”
and my world starts to change.
A few short words,
a heart-light,
a mind embering.

Please pass it on.

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