By cynicism humanity cannot live—we must have a larger.

By cynicism humanity cannot live—we must have a larger.

I remember the hospital chief interviewed on the 6:00 pm news, asking for donations because the hospital was running out of money, all the while seated in front of an exquisite ming vase. Yes, people run a long way from their principles. Yes, people say one thing and do another. Yet the fact is that there are people who are motivated by the deeper, that speak this language authentically. Indeed, we cannot live without vision. There is an adage that goes back to Aristotle I think that we decide based upon our vision of the world, we justify it with reason. So we can make use of both sides of the argument or we miss touching the whole person we are speaking to. After all, is our mission one of Dollars and Cents or of helping people who need help, of making this a more humane community?

So we need vision; cynicism tells us what won’t work, not what will. Only vision, creativity, experiment, and unknowing going can do that.

:- Doug.

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