Wills: Matching gifts with recipients

Most folks have not thought very widely or deeply about how to make a Will—or even at all.

Look at it this way: over your life you have collected a whole lot of good stuff, and some of it even has a Dollar value. Some of who you are and what your life is, is living stuff—projects, ideas, dreams, plans, wisdom, bucket lists.

What of these and like things do you have? Ask some questions: to whom is each thing most valuable? Who could benefit most from it? Of what does each person in your life have need?

When someone dies, watch out for those dump trucks—beep!–beep!–beep! They’re backing in, ready to unload everything in one heap—toys, money, old galoshes, seeds, growing seedlings and saplings and large sequoias.

Contrast that with the person who carefully, lovingly matches gifts with recipients—those who need, those who can take the unfinished work further, those who will enjoy what she has long enjoyed, those who will get her soft joke.

:- Doug.

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