Why the difference made by the road less travelled?

Why the difference made
By the road less traveled?
For you, too?
Just the obvious—
Other scenery?
Faster? Higher?—
Or perhaps there is a less noticed—
The family of deer,
The groundhog rarely seen,
The wild turkey, the birds great and
Small, the birdlets gathered
At the feeders, and serenading,
Chattering unseen,
Speaking to me some
Messages to be deciphered—
For you, too?
An unusual way to see
A joke to tell
An oddity to notice
A change inside my consciousness
An unusual way to be seen
And what if that transfers
To those around and they see
More than we
And show others?
Poetry is one such road
The professions
Any work or play
We open to
Engage awarely
Infinite roads
Eternally awaiting
Less traveled by
For you, too?

:- Doug.

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