“What’s out there?”

“What’s out there?” I can almost hear the ancients saying as they look out upon the seas. “There is just a line, but there must be more there, there.” It is the same looking at a path in the woods, the mountains, the caves—“Where does this lead?”

Indeed, it leads to us, for we are the ones ever exploring and exploring—for us. To see what is possible, where we can do, what we can do then and there. More is possible—there. And the frontiers are also here—within as well as without. What is possible?

The new frontiers are pushing us together and we are there brought face to face with others—ourselves in different skins. And what then, what now, is possible between us? We have explored the outer world and are heading into—space. We have explored the psyche and the human spirit.

It is soon time to explore what lies between and among.

:- Doug.

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