What times are these?

Who are the responsible?—all of us, especially the ordinary folks, the many. The one. Where are we? When are we? What times are these? What are the decisions we are called upon to make? War to peace: do we just have to live through a 50 year period of war, or can we be agents? Immigration: we have built a world growing smaller, closer together, easy to travel, and more importantly we have learned to see other places as in our back yard. So we should not be surprised when others want to come and work with us. We have more than enough; do we not have a responsibility to share? Do we not have a responsibility to hear these others, to learn from them, to welcome the stranger in our midst? Poverty and hunger: We have the means, do we not then have the responsibility? Health care: we have the means, do we not then have the responsibility? Do we have some ingenuity we can put to work on the task? And if others are then fed and able and whole, do we not gain more than if we clutch our miserly purse? Which way do our children and grandchildren gain?

:- Doug.

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