Footprints in the Windsm # 1147–What is the best we can want?

Footprints in the Windsm # 1147

What do we want to do? What do we want? Do we really want to only fill our bellies, to drink beer and watch TV? Or do we want to have some good come from our having lived?

What if we asked our children, What do we want? What if we asked our elders, What do we want? For the seven generations, What is the best we can want?

Do we really want to kill somebody? Do we really want to throw somebody out of our presence? What motivates those kinds of thoughts and is it what makes us feel we are acting out of our best and highest ideals? Which would your mother say? “Beat up someone, honey,” or “Play nice with everyone.” What do we want?

Please pass it on.

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