Footprints in the Windsm # 915

Footprints in the Windsm # 915

What do the poor have to teach us? The old, the hurting, the other?

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  1. On December 28, 2008 at 9:31 pm doug Said:

    My good friend, LaRee Ewers sends along this profound response:

    :- Doug.

    Saturday, December 27, 2008 The Reflection

    A poetic friend asks, “What do the poor have to teach us? The old, the hurting, the other?”

    A person living on the marginal edge of our society is the sharpest reflection of my soul. When I look into this face I see the fears that mark me. Only a slight glance and I twinge knowing I am avoiding the meeting of myself.

    When I can steady my eyes and touch this fringe dweller the fear softens. The God in each of us bows to the God in each of us. If this fragile fellow is a reflection of my fears is it possible for me to be the reflection of his humanity? Or is it a hopeless do-loop of fear seeing fear reflecting fear?

    I believe my pausing to exam the lines, ruts and holes on my soul line in genuine kindness and compassion break the cycle of fear returning fear. Loving the face in the mirror brings me to my knees. Where is my compassion for myself? Where is my self-kindness? Tears punctuate.

    I look again. I see a smile. Fear begins its exit as though stale air leaving an old balloon. It is a slow movement. But it moves. Am I a peripheral inhabitant also? Am I looking for the reflection that speaks love? Yes.

    Together, as two journeymen we can illustrate, challenge, reveal what the other needs most. We are master teachers delivering the assignments, learning and tests ascribed from above. This is the teacher for smoothing the path. I am indebted. I am more when I look.

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