What and whom have come near?

I am fascinated by the warp of space-time for my thoughts this morning of life review. Although we have all done some life review, stirring the pot differently can raise new meats.

So what and whom have come near, and what do those say of me? I have come to like people who are thoughtful in a large picture way, who are kindly and gentle, nurturing. A teacher twisting my ear. A tender wife from a kind and gentle family, open to hearing me. People turning to me and hearing. Pondering and meditating/contemplating. Journaling. Prayer and churches and Meeting and meeting. Reading. Watching clouds while resting my head in the grass. Experiencing thunderstorms from outdoor porches. Telling stories to grandchildren. Wrestling and tickling grandchildren. Computers opening worlds, letting me arrange. Outdoors and waters and canoeing and bike riding. Fishing. Mowing.

:- Doug.

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