We define ourselves as consumers, we try to dull

We are a consumer society: we define ourselves to be consumers. This is the highest we aspire to, and all is done to make for the well-being of consumers. Consume we say, Consume! And this leads to satiety and to marginalizing those who are not sated, who cannot be sated with the way things are. Groaning is necessary, but we, as consumers, only groan from having eaten too much.

We cannot then hear the groans of those who have other reasons to groan. Nor can we see reason to dance in the streets for joy and for being with one another. 9-11 was a chance to groan and instead the king told us to go consuming.

We try to dull any sensations we have by consuming. More precisely, we try to find our real sensations by finding more to consume: and yet we find no feelings, no authenticity there.

:- Doug.

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